ClickFunnels Review 2016 – Why Its Alternative Don’t Exist !

Internet is changing rapidly. This means everything that’s on the internet is changing including websites. Yes, you might not get me serious but the fact of the matter is websites have changed a lot. There was a time websites had a few pages including home page, services, price, contact us and about us pages. Today, websites have transformed into sales pages and landing pages, or in other words, marketing pages. A sales pages or a landing page is a not a standalone page rather these are the pages that are part of a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a complete set of steps right from initial contact to the final sale and then relationship building.

Now there are several ways to create a sales funnel. You can use ClickFunnels to create a complete sales funnel including landing page, email integration, billing, webinar, memberships and much more.

Clickfunnels Review

It is a complete package that lets you create your complete sales funnel. Below you will find a complete Clickfunnels review including the features, pricing details, pros, cons and final verdict. But first, let’s talk a bit more about what actually is a sales funnel.

What Is a Sales Funnel?

It is a process of converting unqualified prospects into customers and then building relationships with then. At the top of the funnel, we have visitors or unqualified customers and then it moves down. Here is how a typical sales funnel moves from first step to the last.

  1. Unqualified customers
  2. Communication
  3. Pitching first offer (a freebie)
  4. Email collection
  5. Pitching the main offer
  6. A paid customer
  7. Customer evaluation
  8. Further communication
  9. More sales
  10. Delivering customer value
  11. Customer relationship building
  12. Recurring sales

This is how a traditional sale funnel moves from top to down. The basic idea is to convert every visitor into a paid customer and then building a relationship with it. The purpose of sales funnel is to ensure minimum leakages throughout the funnel. During the process, there are leakages at every phase. By leakage, we mean customers or potential customers leaving the funnel. So the purpose of customized and well-designed funnel is to ensure that every visitor that enters the funnel makes it to the final step.

What is ClickFunnels ?

ClickFunnels is basically a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel. You can create seven types of funnel with the help of Clickfunnels :-

  1. The Optin Lead Capture Funnel
  2. The Sales Funnel
  3. The Webinar Funnel
  4. The AutoWebinar Funnel
  5. The Membership Funnel
  6. The Launch Funnel
  7. The Custom Funnel


Easily Create Any Type of Pages with the Help of Element :-

Clickfunnels Elements

It comes loaded with templates of sales pages, landing page, squeeze pages and other marketing pages. You can choose a template, edit it with the help of element types and your new page is ready. You don’t have to hire professional designers. There is no need to code anything. Even if you have zero designing or programming skills, you can still create professionally looking sales pages with ClickFunnels in no time. All the templates are editable which means you have full control on everything ranging from background to font size to containers to fields and more.

Create Your First Funnel using ready-made Templates :-

Clickfunnels Templates

Not only that you can create a sales page with ClickFunnels but you can also create your own funnel by choosing a template. It comes with numerous funnel templates that are all editable. You have to choose a funnel template and you are all set to publish your funnel. There are different types of funnel templates available to choose from. For instance, you can have free ebook offer on the landing page which can lead visitors to a sales page where they subscribe to your webinar and then they move to a thank you page.

Now this is just one example. You can create these types of sales funnels with all the pages connected and linked to your email marketing service and billing system. You see things are really easy with ClickFunnels.

Build Membership Websites with just One-Click :-

Clickfunnels Membership Website

If you are interested in creating a membership site, you don’t have to buy another plugin or software to do so rather you can create such types of membership websites using ClickFunnels with extreme ease and fun. Being an internet marketer, you can imagine how hard it is to create such types of membership funnels. Thanks to ClickFunnels.

Webinars Integration :-

You can create webinar funnels using ClickFunnels. A webinar is something that internet marketers use a lot to deliver free value to the target audience and then they send them to their sales page.

Clickfunnels Webinar Integration

If you are interested in creating a webinar funnel where you want users to register for the webinar, this can be done easily using ClickFunnels. In fact, it can let you create complete webinar-type funnels with auto-replays for the users, their email collection and much more. Currently, ClickFunnels offers webinar integration with WebinarJam Studio, GotoWebinar, and EverWebinar.

Email Integration :-

The Clickfunnels supports email Integration with Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Active Campaign, GVO Pure Leverage, Ontraport, Constant Contact, MadMimi, iContact, SendGrid, Mandrill and FitPro Newsletters.

Billing & Payment Integration :-

This is something that I should call a real killer. You can integrate your billing details within your sales pages and that’s how you start billing customer’s right from inside the sales pages. This is something that will make your life easy. Buyers don’t have to leave your website instead all the billing and transactions will take place on your sales page.

Right now, the ClickFunnels offers support integration with various payment platform, which includes, Stripe, Ontraport, Clickbank, Paypal, JVzoo, via Infusionsoft, Deal Guardian, Taxamo, and Shopify.

SMS Integration :-

Presently, Clickfunnels easily integrate with Twilio and TextOptin for SMS functionality.

Shipping Integration :-

The Clickfunnels current offers support for Kunaki and Disc Delivered for Shipping Integration.

Create One-Click Upsell & Downsell Pages :-

Clickfunnels OTO

There is hardly any product these days that come without downsells and upsells. Now managing these downsells and upsells with ClickFunnels is easy. These upsells and downsells are part of the funnel therefore ClickFunnels handles them perfectly. You don’t have to do much of the work.

Other Features :-

Some of the other features of ClickFunnels are stated below:

  • You can create a lot of pages under every funnel. This allows a lot of options. More pages you have in your funnel, more targeted it gets.
  • It has built-in feature of A/B testing that lets you test different funnels and pages so as to find out the best fit for your audience.
  • It supports email integration. You can integrate all leading email marketing services with your funnels.
  • It supports all types of funnels including optin funnels, membership funnels and many others.
  • You can create clickpops and clickoptins with extreme ease with ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels Pricing :-

The Clickfunnels offers two different types of pricing plans, which are as under :-

clickfunnels pricing

1. Startup :-

It is priced at $97 per month and is more suited to small businesses and startups. With this plan, you get access to limited funnels (20) and you can create up to 100 marketing pages. There is also a limitation of number of unique visitors (20K). This plan can be used with three domains.

2. Enterprise :-

It is priced at $297 per month and is more suited to large businesses and enterprises. You can use 20 domains, create 70 funnels and 300 pages. With this plan, you also get priority support and priority template request.

Who Should Use ClickFunnels ?

Well, ClickFunnels is a tool that is suitable for a whole lot of entities.

  • Businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Internet marketers
  • Consultants
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Beginners
  • Webmasters

In short, if you have a website or a blog, you sure need ClickFunnels. If you don’t get it today, you will need it after a few years or maybe a after a few months. The point is, we are moving towards an era that will be all filled with marketing pages and if you are not using these pages in your website, you are making a serious mistake.

Newly Introduced Features in ClickFunnels 2.0 :-

Russell Brunson (founder of DotCom Secrets and Creator of Clickfunnels) has recently introduced two new awesome features in Clickfunnels 2.0, which are Backpack and Actionetics. The detail of both features are given below :-

What is Backpack ?

Backpack is the official affiliate management system of ClickFunnels. Whenever a user has access to Backpack, he/she will be able to generate affiliate pages and manage affiliates/commissions. The Affiliate pages can't be developed without having access to Backpack.

What is Actionetics ?

With the release of the completely new Actionetics user management and email tools, now not only can you design the most effective capture pages, marketing funnels, sales pages, and much more… but you will use Actionetics to dive deep into the profiles of those who visit your pages.

Actionetics contains Contact profiles of all opt ins throughout your ClickFunnels account, Scores designated to user profiles so that you can sort out those people who are most active ; Import and manage subscriber list of up to 100,000 people ; Custom email builder which looks fantastic ; Email broadcasting ; Setting actions inside your funnels in order to segment your lists effectively plus much more.


  • Complete Sales Funnel Creation System : Probably the best thing about ClickFunnels is that it is a complete system that focuses on entire sales funnel not on just marketing pages. Unfortunately, most of the marketers compare ClickFunnels to LeadPages and OptimizePress, which is not justified at all. LeadPages and OptimizePress are page creation tools that just lets you create marketing pages like sales pages but ClickFunnels is a complete funnel creation system. So if you are comparing ClickFunnels to LeadPages, it is like comparing oranges to apples. It just cannot be. Marketing pages are part of the entire sales funnel and ClickFunnels focused on the creation of entire funnel. This is the real beauty of ClickFunnels.
  • All-in-One Solution : ClickFunnels is literally an all in one system that lets you control your entire sales funnel including billing and email marketing all from a single place. This makes it a really powerful tool that gives you full access and control to all the individual parts of your sales funnel.
  • Availability of Readymade Templates : You don’t have to do all the hard work of creating your own pages and funnels rather you can choose from readymade templates and can edit them as per need.
  • Instead of offering you with drag-and-drop builders, which tend to be lengthy and time-consuming, ClickFunnels does a good job of providing its users with templates that can edited easily – of course through a simple user-interface but the basic idea is to provide you with readymade stuff.
  • Wide Variety of Integration : ClickFunnels supports a whole bunch of other software, payment solutions and platforms. Whether we are talking about payment gateways, CMS, email marketing services or anything else, ClickFunnels will keep you covered. You can integrate pretty much anything that you wish for in your sales funnel.
  • 14-days FREE Trial : Now here is the best part, you can try ClickFunnels for two weeks for free. Yes, we didn’t mention it in the pricing section but the fact is, you can register for 14-days free trial and see how it all goes for you. This means you can try ClickFunnels absolutely risk-free without paying anything from your pocket. Isn’t it just amazing?
  • Integration with WordPress : The Clickfunnels comes powered with a plugin for easy integration with wordpress-based websites. If you have a WordPress site, you can use ClickFunnels WordPress plugin so that your domain name will show in your URLs. Please keep in mind that Order pages, OTO (one-time-offer) pages, and Membership Areas are not supported with the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin.
  • Single System for Everything : If you start using ClickFunnels today, it will replace quite a few other services for instance, you don’t have to use a payment system, you don’t need a webinar tool to conduct and manage webinars. This will eventually let you do and control everything from a single platform and this is just awesome.
  • Training Material : You get a lot of training materials with ClickFunnels. Even if you are a beginner and have no prior experience of dealing with marketing pages and sales funnels, you will still be able to use this system and that’s just because of its ease of use and intensive training material that you get with the purchase.

CONS : –

  • Pricey : No matter how awesome ClickFunnels is, the fact is, it is expensive. Paying $97 per month for a startup or a small business is not easy. Especially when can create limited funnels and limited pages.


ClickFunnels is definitely a platform that can do a lot of stuff for you and that too on autopilot. Yes, you don’t need to monitor everything all the times instead you just have to choose a template, personalize it and publish it. That’s all.

So should you buy it? Of course, you should. There is no time to waste. Why wouldn’t you buy a system that can let you create a whole lot of different types of funnels as well as marketing pages all with ease?

Clickfunnels features

I know price will be an issue for those, who are newbies. They little hesitate during ordering ClickFunnels. Let me tell you something, don’t bother about clickfunnels pricing, because if you know how to make right use of a sales funnel, you can get your money back easily. It is just $97 and this amount is nothing for a business as long as it is making money. I personally using Clickfunnels $97/monthly startup plan… thus, recommend you to just start with $97 pricing plan, and upgrade to $297/month, when your plan hits the visitor or pages limit.

So, it is all about taking the first step and moving on to a better platform that make your life easy. So, what are you waiting for …  Click the below button to start Your FREE 14-Days Trial :-

Clickfunnels Trial




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