ClickFunnels Certification Program Review

Thinking of mastering Clickfunnels? Here’s a Clickfunnels Certification Program Review, so you’ll have an idea what to expect if you decide to enroll in the program.

Clickfunnels Certified Partner

If you want to become a Clickfunnel Certified Partner, taking part in a Clickfunnels Certification Program is your way to go. Some of the Clickfunnels certified partners, who have taken the course have been cashing in thousands of dollars in a month and were handling 10-15 clients in a year. Not to mention that they already have clients on their waiting list. All of them agreed that the Clickfunnels Certification Program price they have paid for is a valuable investment they never regretted making because they are now earning from it.

What you learn under Clickfunnels Certification Program :-

This 12-week online program to become a Clickfunnels certified partner program will cost you money, but paying the amount will not only let you gain access to training videos and modules, plus you will become a Clickfunnels Certified Partner.

It is undeniable that there is a great demand for the services of a funnel consultant, especially nowadays that acquiring leads and connecting with customers can make or break a business. There are a lot of funnel consultants offering their services charging as $2000 at the minimum. Becoming a ClickFunnels certified partner places one at the ClickFunnels Certified Consultants Page that doesn’t just gives one a credential but also gives him the credibility since ClickFunnels itself will vouch for his skills and mastery.

Joining the course will teach the following topics per week:-

  • Week 1: Funnel Strategy
  • Week 2: Funnel Architecture
  • Week 3: Account Setup and Integrations
  • Week 4: Building the 6 Core Funnels
  • Week 5: Actionetics: Action Funnels and Sequences
  • Week 6: BackPack: Running an Affiliate Program
  • Week 7: Copy 101 and Funnel Script
  • Week 8: Advanced Design and Video Tips
  • Week 9: Testing and Publishing
  • Week 10: Funnel Optimization
  • Week 11: High Ticket Sales and Client Intake
  • Week 12: Succesful Project Delivery

Clickfunnels Certification Program

The certification course is packed with lectures and provides participants with hands-on experience with ClickFunnels by actually working with a client.

Benefits of Clickfunnels Certification Program :-

Once the person becomes a ClickFunnels Certified Partner, after sucessfully finishing the online course. He will be provided FREE 12-months access to ClickFunnels Etison Suite worth $3564, which means you get unlimited access to BackPack, and Actionetics. Apart from this, The Clickfunnels Certified partners are also the first ones to try new ClickFunnels features that are just about to be rolled-out. They get to learn about these new features ahead of the others. This works for the advantage of those who took the course as they have an “insider” information, making them ClickFunnels “expert”.

The ClickFunnels Team also provides premium support for its certified partners through 24/7 exclusive Skype Support where they will have a quick access to the support team in case they have questions or they need something to be fixed right away.

Probably, the biggest advantage of taking the program is the provision of continuing education for all those who have finished it and became certified partners. Furthermore, discounts await those who wants to take the ClickFunnels Certification Program again.

Clickfunnels Certification Program Cost :-

The Clickfunnels Certification Program cost you one-time investment of $10,000. Under the same price, you also get a Clickfunnels Certified Partner Certification, plus you also get 1 year access to Clickfunnels Etison Suite worth $3564 absolutely FREE. This way, your total effective Clickfunnels after deducting the price of Clickfunnels Etison Suite, will just remain $6500, which makes it a NO-BRAINER DEAL.

Conclusion :-

Overall, the ClickFunnels Certification Program definitely gives one an advantage when it comes to learning the craft of funnel building, lead generation, and sales conversion. And the opportunity to be listed as a ClickFunnels Certified Consultant means that clients are most likely to come to you even if you’re not searching for one. Income knocking right at your door.

The business owners can also take advantage of the benefits taking this course offers. If they do not have the technical know-how, do not have the time to study ClickFunnels, or just plainly not interested, they can just send a member of their team to the certification program. Yes, there will be cost on the part of the business owner but the return of investment, once their funnels are working, is undeniable.

As the topics are interesting, comprehensive, and engaging, one cannot deny that mastering ClickFunnels can also be done by exploring the program itself. Experience is a good teacher and if one has a lot of time to spare to learn anything and everything about ClickFunnels, he can do so on his own.

However, in my opinion, we cannot just ignore the huge benefits one will have once he becomes a ClickFunnels Certified Partner after taking the course. I think this is the best reason why one should take the course. Yes, you can learn on your own and it might be the best way for you to learn without emptying your pockets but you may not have the volume of clients a ClickFunnel Certified Partner will have. Plus, learning everything about ClickFunnels will take time if you will do it on your own and you’ll have to source for a lot of learning materials.

As more and more businesses are becoming aggressive with their marketing efforts, there will be a surge of demand for people who knows the ins and outs of funnel building. And there is no better time to take this course but now if you want that skill and the pride of becoming a ClickFunnels expert. CLICK HERE TO WATCH FREE WEBINAR about Clickfunnels Certification Program >>>

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